2007 update for Dave Srail
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David S. Srail, also known as Dave Srail, the Con Artist. This picture was taken in the San Antonio area in 2007 right before his disappearance 2007 UPDATE

The following narrative was sent to us by one of Dave's victims in the San Antonio/Austin Texas area. This information is up to date as of August 2007. He has now scammed victims in Ohio, Florida and Texas.

March 2008 update: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONFRONT DAVE SRAIL YOURSELF - DAVE MAY BE ARMED AND DANGEROUS. Last spotted in Seattle, Washington in March 2008, where he pulled a knife on his roommates after they read this website and tried to confront him. Felony charges are pending.


"I met the criminal David Srail in February 2007. He was always making jokes and trying to act funny all the time. He said his name was David Scott, another time when asked, he said his full name was David Steven Scott. He had a fake laugh he always used, he told people he was a writer and he was writing a book called 'Missing The Mark' and his pseudonym was D.S. Scott. He also said that 8 years ago his wife and son were killed in a car wreck.

He tried to make friends by seeing who had a sense of humor and who laughed at his jokes. Once he made friends he liked to take his new 'friends' or potential victims to eat out, with him always paying. He always talked about how his family was Italian and he had an uncle in New York who was in the Mafia and was a businessman. He would brag about how his uncle would send him money from business deals that David would invest in.

This is how he set up his scam, he talked about how he was always looking for trustworthy people with good character to invest with his uncle. He tried to make you think that he was doing you a favor by giving you this opportunity. The details of the scam were: his uncle in New York buys a small business at a price, say $16,000 and then sells it to a pre-arranged buyer at a higher cost, like $25,000. He said he needed to collect money from people to send to his uncle to do the business.

He also made up a document called a Promissory Note that is the same Cognavit Note that is on your website. Of course, he disappears once he gets the money.



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