2007 update for Dave Srail
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Dave Srail disappeared with a lot of people's money from here in Florida in September 2005. After he left, those affected tried to get the local police involved, but they claimed it was a civil matter. Those who had been robbed did not have the money left to hire a detective and file a civil suit.

The person who did this site is related to one of the people who was conned by Dave Srail.  In frustration we decided that it is important to get the word out in the hopes that it will save others from a similar loss. Prior to Florida, he had swindled people in Ohio, and after he left Florida, he did it to others in Texas in 2007.

Finally in Texas, Detective Bailey of the Austin Police Department decided that there was enough of a pattern to merit a warrant being issued.

Since then, Dave has been spotted in March 2008 in Oregon, where he allegedly pulled a knife on some roommates who saw this site and tried to confront him themselves. He left immediately for parts unknown. Do NOT try to approach him if you read this! Just call your local police and tell them where he is and to read this website!

If you have any information on this case, or you have been a victim of Dave Srail's unscrupulous con game, please  

You can remain anonymous if you wish, or we will be glad to include you in our lawsuit against him.

Check back soon for more details.